A real mixed bag…

The April showers are back again this morning after taking one heck of a break, but what a glorious stretch of weather we’ve had, eh? While the sun was out yesterday, I managed to get a couple of pictures of the bevy of yellow-rumped warblers feasting on flying insects throughout the park.


A couple other warblers have been spotted, including a Cape May, a black-and-white, and a pine, but they have evaded me. Instead, here’s another look at that handsome yellow-rump by the pond.


Meanwhile, the painted turtle traffic was really backing up on the water.


And the bull frogs have finallyjoined the turtles at basking in the sun.


Back in the air, the blue jays have been vocal recently but shy as ever, and perhaps this one thought I couldn’t see it.


The last picture I took yesterday was of this hermit thrush doing its best impression of “you lookin’ at me?”


On to this morning, there was a lucky break in the rain, and on my way to the pond I happened upon the pair of deer we’ve seen on the soccer fields recently, but in the woods this time. Here’s mom sampling the shrubbery while keeping an eye on me.


At the pond, I found eagle-eyed spotter, Lisa, and after the two of us failed to spot any warblers, we headed to the river to see if the great horned owl was around. It wasn’t there this morning, I am sorry to say, but Lisa did spot these blue-winged teals instead. Sweet!


Lastly, on our walk across the fields to the river, I noticed this dragonfly in the grass, bejeweled with rain drops and the first one I’ve managed to photograph this season.


The end.

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