Everyone comes out for a perfect morning…

I had been wondering when we’d see a rose-breasted grosbeak (Pheucticus ludovicianus) in the park, and I just figured that they were all still over at Bonnie and Gary’s feeder. Well, they couldn’t have picked a more-beautiful morning to finally come visit Estabrook. I first spotted a pair at the top of the bluff byContinue reading “Everyone comes out for a perfect morning…”

Still cold, but the bright sun really helps…

The cold continued this morning, but the sun sure takes a bite out of it these days. The goslings at the pond appear to be doing fine, and were taking an after-breakfast nap when I arrived. In the trees along the east side of the pond, I found a nice and friendly female blue-gray gnatcatcherContinue reading “Still cold, but the bright sun really helps…”

A slow and sleepy Monday in Estabrook

Today started just as yesterday did, cool and dark, but it just stayed that way, and the birds were laying low. I didn’t see a single warbler, and the geese and goslings, mallards and wood ducks, blackbirds and grackles all seemed to be doing fine at the pond without them. By the river, the robinContinue reading “A slow and sleepy Monday in Estabrook”

Happy Mother’s Day!

To all the moms out there, this hug’s for you. Funny thing was that while I was trying to get the perfect picture of this Mother’s Day snuggle, there suddenly was a highish pitched call, a little bit like a hawk, and all the goslings looked to see who it was. It turns out toContinue reading “Happy Mother’s Day!”