The nice weather brings some activity with it.

We got a little bit of a reprieve from the heat and humidity overnight, and the sun came up on a cloudless sky, so it was a great morning in Estabrook. I saw a blue heron on the pond, and maybe it’s the same one Bonnie and I saw yesterday afternoon, but it doesn’t lookContinue reading “The nice weather brings some activity with it.”

Some regulars, a fun little return, and something new for a change.

The heat and humidity persist, and even the mosquitoes seem to be getting tired of it. “No, no, seriously, we couldn’t drink another drop!” But maybe that was more due to my imagination or the slight breeze this morning. Anyway, a blue heron was on the pond when I arrived, and Lisa said there wereContinue reading “Some regulars, a fun little return, and something new for a change.”

Another surprise visitor to the pond

It’ll be a short post today, if only to make up for all the verbiage I threw at you yesterday. The cormorant was not on the pond this morning, during either of my visits. Oh well. The yellow-crowned night-heron was there and looking a little sleepy in the shade. A green heron was there andContinue reading “Another surprise visitor to the pond”