Starting to get on Spring’s good side…

With any luck, we are finally done with snow and heavy overnight frost. Today I got away without wearing my poofy coat for the first time this season, and I mostly left my gloves in my pocket. Another noticeable change is that the chiffchaff are back and singing up a storm. This morning it wasContinue reading “Starting to get on Spring’s good side…”

A brand-new bird, some returnees, and a vagrant, oh my!

The trip to Bavaria I mentioned last weekend didn’t pan out, so I’m still here in South Holland, and what a beautiful day it was, especially after the rain and snow we had for most of the week. It was cold, and most open water had a skin of ice, but the sun was out,Continue reading “A brand-new bird, some returnees, and a vagrant, oh my!”

A couple of surprises on a soggy Saturday

I haven’t been able to take pictures for a couple of weeks, sorry, but I have been able to pay attention to the birds around on my walk to and from work, and I’ve been hearing this guy, a European green woodpecker like the one we saw in Ljubljana, in nearly the same tree forContinue reading “A couple of surprises on a soggy Saturday”