Lots of critters enjoying the weather…

It was another stunningly beautiful early autumn morning in Estabrook Park, and for reasons that it’s best I don’t get into, I skipped the pond and went straight to the river. I didn’t even make it to the water before this chipper looking flycatcher, probably an eastern wood-pewee, caught my eye as it soaked upContinue reading “Lots of critters enjoying the weather…”

Even more new faces!

Holy macaroni, what a fabulous fall morning in Estabrook Park! The cold, wind, clouds, rain, and even mosquitoes seem to have all departed, if only for this morning, leaving just birds, birds, birds,! And some squirrels and chipmunks. The big surprise at the pond this morning was this little yellow cutie with a very pinkContinue reading “Even more new faces!”