A swing back towards autumn

It’s not light out yet, but the forecast high temperature for today is 67°, so not so much like summer anymore. Plus, I’ve gotta go to school today, so here are some more pictures from yesterday.

Besides all the kingfisher antics, this great blue heron was having some luck of its own fishing on the river.

There was also a cormorant out there, and as I was trying to get a picture of the heron and cormorant together, the third kingfisher, who had caught the fish, photobombed the shot.

kingfisher mallard heron cormorant

Unfortunately, the cormorant wasn’t ready, so here’s a better one of the cormorant with the heron and a bonus mallard hen, but without the kingfisher. It was a regular wild kingdom out there yesterday morning.

Meanwhile, back on shore, the little birds were keeping just as busy. Here’s another Lincoln’s sparrow, now that we know who they are.

Here’s another red-eyed vireo trying to rustle up enough calories to take it all the way to the Amazon.

On my way back south along the river, I found another yellow-rumped warbler with its bright yellow “rump” and just a hint of the yellow they are supposed to have on their sides.

This looks like another yellow-rumped warbler opting not to show us any yellow at all. What give’s, guys? That’s your signature move.

Here are a couple more acrobatic kinglet shots, just to keep the chickadees on their toes.

I finally had to tear myself away from the river and head inland, and that’s where I met this hermit thrush showing off its cinnamon tail, which the Swainson’s thrushes do not have.

Lastly, the pink-edged sulphur from yesterday also sampled some sow thistle.

At one point, things got crowded.

I think that’s finally all of them. Stay tuned for tomorrow when I get to go back to the park, and the forecast is for more cool and calm air with a bright sun and a blue sky. Perfection!

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