A nice welcome back after the holiday.

It was a pretty nice morning in Estabrook, all-in-all. Sure, the skies were gray, but not too dark or precipitating, and the air was seasonably cool, but the winds were calm. I’ll take it! Because of the cloud cover, I loitered over breakfast to let the skies lighten, and didn’t get out very early. Happily,Continue reading “A nice welcome back after the holiday.”

A couple of late-season surprises…

The winds were whippin’ out of the south this morning, and it seemed that just about everyone was sleeping in. I barely saw a soul, and certainly nothing to photograph, until I reached the north end. There was no sign of the bufflehead or the mergansers this morning, and a blue heron was on theContinue reading “A couple of late-season surprises…”

Puttin’ the “brrrr” in “brisk”!

The thermometer said 21° this morning, and the manual for my camera assured me it was good for 14°, so we were good to go with 7° to spare! That’s a good thing, too, because the sky was crystal clear, and it would have been a crying shame to miss the park today. The firstContinue reading “Puttin’ the “brrrr” in “brisk”!”