Memorial Day Anurapolooza at the Pond

Perhaps the frogs and toads, all of the order Anura (literally without tail to the ancient Greeks), just wanted to wait until the official start of summer, or maybe I’ve just been bad at spotting them, but luckily for you, astute pond-life observer, Carolyn Bucior and her trusty lieutenant, George, were on the job again and alerted me to the amphibianContinue reading “Memorial Day Anurapolooza at the Pond”

Arrivals and departures in Estabrook

Well, the birds start coming, and they just keep coming… Yesterday, I was taking a second quick spin before supper and spotted something in the branches down the bluff from the path where it passes right next to the road. It wasn’t moving a lot, so I pulled out my camera to see if IContinue reading “Arrivals and departures in Estabrook”

Big changes afoot at the pond

The goslings were all gone this morning. There weren’t even any mature canada geese at the pond when I arrived, until 3 flew in from the west. I counted 10 strapping young goslings there yesterday morning, and here’s hoping that they all just outgrew it and hiked themselves down to the river. Bon voyage, mes amis!Continue reading “Big changes afoot at the pond”