More new arrivals in and out of the park

Welp, the can of worms is out of the bag now! Here’s another amazing image sent in this time by keen reader Betty Koepsel from out in Oconomowoc. The accompanying story goes like this:”Sweet teeny newborn found in the grass about 10 feet from our vegetable garden… almost run over with a lawnmower…mom is near,Continue reading “More new arrivals in and out of the park”

Rerun Monday in Estabrook!

Water is still falling out of the sky, so I’m dipping into the archives, all the way back to April 11, for a never-before-seen image. The colors are pretty drab, but there goes a pair of wood ducks, a male hooded merganser, and a pair of blue-winged teals in some kind of multi-species smorgasbord on our little pond. Man, thoseContinue reading “Rerun Monday in Estabrook!”

Gettin’ a real soakin’ at the park

The skies are so dark, the streetlights are still on, and so there ain’t gonna be no new pictures today. Instead, I’m sure all the critters at the pond will be thrilled to have the day off for a change. Anyway, just to tide you over, here are a couple images from Estabrook that didn’tContinue reading “Gettin’ a real soakin’ at the park”

Some new color in Estabrook

So you’re sick of the brown toads and mushrooms, eh? Well I told you not to eat them. Anyway, here’s some color for a change. That’s a pretty little wild geranium just opened, and here’s a female yellow-rumped warbler adjusting her feathers. Meanwhile, I’ve spotted hummingbirds in the park and a little mammal swimming in the pond, but haveContinue reading “Some new color in Estabrook”

More new arrivals in the Park

I know what you’ve all been thinking.“Birds are fine, mammals are nice enough, reptiles will do, and we’ll even allow a fish or two, but where the heck are the amphibians, for Pete’s sake? How about a newt, a salamander, a frog, or even a pollywog for a change? Come on, man, you’re better thanContinue reading “More new arrivals in the Park”