A GB in EP at last

When I’m not even thinking about grosbeaks, that’s when I spot a grosbeak, right? I was by the pond, had just taken yet another picture of a turtle already up on a log in the sun, and had just turned off on a little trail heading north into the woods, when I spotted a couple of big light-colored objects up in a tree. At first I thought they were plastic bags, but then one flew off. So I try to zoom in on the other one through all the branches, and it still looks like a plastic bag glinting in the sun, but I take a few pictures anyway. Boy, I’m sure glad I did.
Tada! A male rose-breasted grosbeak looking resplendent in the morning light, and he never made a sound, perhaps listening to the nearby catbird for ideas. 

I also managed to capture a cute little palm warbler who deigned to sit still for a second.

There was plenty of other activity in the park as well, this morning, and some of it was photogenic.
Finally, all 11 goslings were up and about this morning, and no play date appeared to be under way. Maybe later.
You know the drill:

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