The return of the Giants!

If not giants, then at least the megafauna of Estabrook. I’m talking white-tail deer, the largest mammal at 88-198 lb, and Canada geese, the largest avian at 5.7–14.3 lb, which is slightly bigger than the bald eagle at 6.6-13.9 lb. Amazingly enough, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has reported on a scuffle between a goose and an eagleContinue reading “The return of the Giants!”

The regular crowd shuffles in…

It was a surprisingly quiet morning in the park today. With the weather so nice, I figured everybody and their brother would be out, but that was not the case, and even the beaver were laying low. That’s just as well. Wouldn’t want to get bored of seeing them, right? Instead, we’re left with theContinue reading “The regular crowd shuffles in…”