Aquatic birds of Delft on a sunny and mild winter day

My apartment in Delft has huge, old-timey windows in one end, and even though they are in pretty good shape, my apartment is a lot warmer if I keep the heavy curtains closed. Thus, I don’t really know what the weather is like outside until I explicitly look, and this morning I was pleasantly surprisedContinue reading “Aquatic birds of Delft on a sunny and mild winter day”

Birds of Delft in Winter, Part 2 – Aquatic

Phew! Good thing I saved some pictures from yesterday, because the weather here has returned to its dark and dreary self this morning. In any case, on to the water birds, and the ubiquitous Eurasian coot deserves top billing. If there’s only one bird in a body of water around here, odds are that it’sContinue reading “Birds of Delft in Winter, Part 2 – Aquatic”

Big Bend National Park, Day 2.

Today we took a “float” down the Rio Grand. Anne was surprised that we had to paddle, and I was surprised that we hit white water. Happily, neither surprise did us in, and we did see some more amazing sights. Here are a couple of the highlights. There were several black phoebes (Sayornis nigricans) huntingContinue reading “Big Bend National Park, Day 2.”

Big Bend National Park, Day 1.

We made it into Big Bend National Park today, did some great hiking in the Chisos Mountains, and saw some amazing sights. Here’s a pyrrhuloxia or desert cardinal (Cardinalis sinuatus), close cousin to the Northern cardinals we see in Estabrook. Here’s a Say’s phoebe (Sayornis saya) on the hunt for dinner out on the desert north ofContinue reading “Big Bend National Park, Day 1.”