Adios, March!

After that warm spell we’ve just had, two more park denizens have emerged from their winter hibernation, these daffodils by the Church House and these glories-of-the-snow (Chionodoxa forbesii) in front of the maintenance building. Yay! There is not much to report from the pond. There is only one goose clearly incubating, and the rest areContinue reading “Adios, March!”

March heads for the door, as blustery as ever.

It was an odd morning in Estabrook. The temperature was mild enough, but the wind was still quite gusty. The sun was mostly out, but the sky wasn’t very blue. I heard and glimpsed a kingfisher again, but didn’t manage to capture an image yet. I did finally manage to find wood ducks up inContinue reading “March heads for the door, as blustery as ever.”

Spring keeps on creeping in…

I only managed to document one new arrival today, and it’s this little brown creeper (Certhia americana) whom I found methodically creeping up tree trunks beside the river. I also spotted, but failed to capture, a group of three cranes, probably sand hill, flying high and drifting south fast in the high winds, and whatContinue reading “Spring keeps on creeping in…”

A fine day for ducks and geese…

It was a fine morning for ducks, geese, or anyone else wearing a full-body dry-suit, cold with on-and-off precipitation. Nevertheless, I found a gap in the green blob on the radar, so where we go. There are still 4 couples and a 9th wheel of geese on the pond, and a second couple appears toContinue reading “A fine day for ducks and geese…”

The Park Report, 1st Anniversary Edition!

That’s right, boys and girls, it was exactly 1 year ago today that I breathlessly fired off an email message to a few friends and family whom I thought might be interested to learn that there was a wood duck on the pond in Estabrook Park. Before then, I didn’t even know wood ducks existed,Continue reading “The Park Report, 1st Anniversary Edition!”