They cranked it to 11!

That’s right, there were 11 Canada geese on the pond this morning, 5 couples and 1 optimist who is sure his big break is just around the corner. Or maybe he’s just a failure to launch still living with his folks. Either way, that’s up from 9 geese yesterday.

Our heroes are still staking out the southern tip of the island, but how this is all going to shake out for the rest of them is anybody’s guess.

Meanwhile the wood ducks have all taken off again, Mrs. Gadwall is still around, and Blondie and Dagwood have popped up from the river, although given how many drakes there are and how much they all look alike, perhaps I do better to name them Samantha and Darrin.

Anyway, the scene on the river also appears to be holding steady with a slew of geese and mallards and still our diminutive bufflehead couple.

Finally, the rains last night have gotten the earthworms in a frisky mood, and here’s a pair making the best of the moment.

Long-time readers may remember when I encountered this last spring, I did not recognize what I was seeing, thought it was some odd-looking fishing lure, and tried to pick it up, only to cause the two hermaphrodites to immediately decouple and peristal back into their respective burrows. I had to resort to posting a picture I found on line, with credits of course, but now I have my own, and I managed to leave them in peace, or however they experience it.

Finally, here it is, your splash of color, a pretty little violet, probably Viola odorata, variously known as garden violet, English violet, florist’s violet, common violet, sweet violet, wood violet, march violet, sweet blue violet, and marsh violet.

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