A fine day for ducks and geese…

It was a fine morning for ducks, geese, or anyone else wearing a full-body dry-suit, cold with on-and-off precipitation. Nevertheless, I found a gap in the green blob on the radar, so where we go.

There are still 4 couples and a 9th wheel of geese on the pond, and a second couple appears to have settled in for the long haul on the far northeast tip of the island. Maybe that means we’ll get two sets of goslings by the end of April. Yay! Can you even imagine?

Meanwhile, the other couples keep vying for a site, and preparing for when they get one.

The wood ducks seem to be settled in as well. Today there were two drakes and a hen. She’s always more adventurous than those showboats, coming right up on the lawn, along with the geese and the mallards, to check on what I might have brought, perhaps because she expects to need the calories more. I always explain to all of them, though, that I don’t have anything for them because anything I could bring wouldn’t be good for them, and they’re mistaking me for the old guy who visits in the afternoon.

I didn’t see as much of the river as usual, due to all the recent rain and ensuing mud, but I did happen upon this endearing little scene. I guess if she’s gonna have a showboat, she wants him to look the part.

There were plenty of mallards about, as usual. They’re like robins, quite sticking in appearance really, but so successful that they hardly even register anymore.

Finally, I did find some new splashes of color despite the grey skies and water. Here they are.

PS. Long time reader and previous guest contributor, Prof. Erica Young, has sent in another amazing sighting. Keep your eyes peeled and your camera ready!

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