Reader photo of the day

I know, I know, this is supposed to be all about the flora and fauna of Estabrook Park, but we made an exception for the great horned owl and owlets, with good reason I believe, and we’re going to make a similar exception this morning for this amazing shot sent in by an avid reader.

That, my friends, is a coyote struttin’ across the parkway in front of the house of Professor Erica Young in Shorewood, WI. Well done, Professor!

Meanwhile, all I’ve got to show for getting up early on this beautiful morning is this picture of a female baltimore oriole, clearly enjoying the smooth jazz stylings of several suitors jockeying for position around the pond.

Lastly, the gosling report. The family with triplets is back on the pond, I am relieved to find, and the family with the octet is definitely down to a septet, I am very sad to say.

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