More new arrivals in and out of the park

Welp, the can of worms is out of the bag now! Here’s another amazing image sent in this time by keen reader Betty Koepsel from out in Oconomowoc.

The accompanying story goes like this:”Sweet teeny newborn found in the grass about 10 feet from our vegetable garden… almost run over with a lawnmower…mom is near, but never seen…fawn gone in a couple hours.”I bet that little stinker will be back eating Betty’s vegetables in no time.
Meanwhile, back in Estabrook, the Indigo Buntings of Good Cheer, sometimes mistaken for the actual Bluebirds of Happiness, have arrived with the nice weather, and I expect this one will be playing a young Yondu in the upcoming GotG prequel.

As usual:

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