Big changes afoot at the pond

The goslings were all gone this morning. There weren’t even any mature canada geese at the pond when I arrived, until 3 flew in from the west. I counted 10 strapping young goslings there yesterday morning, and here’s hoping that they all just outgrew it and hiked themselves down to the river. Bon voyage, mes amis!

Meanwhile, the red-winged blackbirds at the pond appear to be fixin’ to provide some youngins of their own. Here’s a shot through the sticks and leaves of a female building her nest out over the water. She’s pretty well camouflaged, so you have to look closely to see her. I never would have if she wasn’t also quite busy whistling while she worked.

I know we’ve all seen chipmunks before, but who can say “no” to this photo? Right?

Comme d’habitude:

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