Rained out in Estabrook

Oh, sure, I could definitely go out, and I will have to at some point, but I don’t want to get the camera wet, you know?

Anyway, I managed to capture a couple of images last evening before the light was gone that I have a hope will get us through the morning.

First up, and most exciting, is a v-formation of double-crested cormorants. Now you could argue that they were not technically in the park, just in its airspace, and I’m sure all the fish in the pond are relieved about that, but I was standing right beside the pond when it finally dawned on me to take this picture, so we’re going to allow it.

At that instant, they are heading back toward Lake Michigan, and when I see their low, purposeful flight over the water and read articles about their fishing prowess and human efforts to constrain them, I imagine that when they arrive, the lead bird might say something like “give us all your fish, and nobody gets hurt.”

Anyway, in a completely other direction, just after witnessing the spectacle above, I was headed home along that little path in the woods where I had finally spotted the grosbeaks earlier this week, when I noticed this pretty new arrival.

Dr. Google assures me that these are Virginia bluebells.

These images, and a couple more attempts to get a decent common yellowthroat picture, are all online at

PS: there’s a great story about canada geese nesting on a rooftop beside the river in Milwaukee in the Journal Sentinel this morning that you might enjoy. 

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