More new arrivals in the Park

I know what you’ve all been thinking.
“Birds are fine, mammals are nice enough, reptiles will do, and we’ll even allow a fish or two, but where the heck are the amphibians, for Pete’s sake? How about a newt, a salamander, a frog, or even a pollywog for a change? Come on, man, you’re better than this!”
Well, wait no more and, as all the kids say these days, “say hello to my little friend!”

The irony is that I’ve been checking on the dog-gone toadshade every day to catch when those blossoms finally open, and this little guy was hiding in a nice big patch of bluebells. Actually, he or she is a good sized American toad and not so little, maybe a couple of inches long, or so.

Meanwhile, since you’re all sick of pretty flowers, too, here are some more mushrooms!

No, these aren’t morels, I haven’t seen any morels yet, and you know I wouldn’t say even if I had. Instead, these appear to be Dryad’s Saddle (aka Pheasant Back Mushroom, Hawks Wing, or Polyporus squamosus), and they are nearly fist-sized.

As usual, I’ve uploaded these images and some of my other attempts at photography to

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