The Mayapples have Arrived!

And just in the nick of time, too. Well, not the fruit, yet, just the flower, but I was beginning to despair that they would never open.

How I never noticed these beauties before is beyond me. I can’t wait to try that fruit, right? Note this warning, however, from the Pedia of Wik:

All the parts of the plant are poisonous, including the green fruit, but once the fruit has turned yellow, it can be safely eaten in small amounts with the seeds removed.

Meanwhile, it appears that all the white Trillium are turning pink. Apparently, this is a thing that was already known. Well, now I know, too.

Not much photogenic activity this morning from the animal kingdom. With all the plants blossoming like crazy; fruit trees, honeysuckle, phlox, and now the mayapple; maybe the critters are taking a breather. I expect the skeeters will be out in force soon, though.

I was wondering if all those amphibians we saw would be eating any of the mosquitos when they come, but apparently not so much. On the other hand, our ol’ buddy, the red-eared slider is so good at it that they have been used for mosquito control. Ha!

Today is just full of surprises, and you might find more at

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