A whole lot going on in Estabrook!

What a perfect morning in Estabrook! The air was cool, dry, and calm. The sky was blue, and the sun came out. There was even another running race on the path and the Farmers Market on the parkway. Happily for us, the critters weren’t too put out by the crowds yet, seemed to enjoy theContinue reading “A whole lot going on in Estabrook!”

Plenty of regulars and more migrants just passing through.

This morning got off to a great start in Estabrook when this red-tailed hawk, a fierce-looking beauty, flew across the soccer fields and perched on a light pole right over the southern parking lot. It stayed for a bit and then when back to hunting. At the pond, I was happy to see that ourContinue reading “Plenty of regulars and more migrants just passing through.”