“Happy Father’s Day”, I forgot to say.

As promised, this morning was nice and dry, and the sun peeked through the thin cloud cover, so I was able to get a nice and early start in the park. I stopped by the pond first, and I glimpsed the wood ducks, but they were foraging under some bushes that overhang the water, andContinue reading ““Happy Father’s Day”, I forgot to say.”

Almost too much for just one report!

I’m too excited to bury the lede today, so let’s get right to it. I spotted a pair of North American River Otters (Lontra canadensis) in the river this morning who appeared to be hunting goslings, and this is the best picture I managed to capture. It sure has the rounded nose and prominent whiskersContinue reading “Almost too much for just one report!”

Everything but the kitchen sink…

The stunningly beautiful morning got off to a picturesque start when this great blue heron on the pond paused in front of a rose bush on the island, probably the same multiflora rose (Rosa multiflora) that we saw last week, instead of behind a bunch of dead and gray sticks. I didn’t see it catchContinue reading “Everything but the kitchen sink…”

Plenty of action this morning…

I bumped into Lisa, a long-time reader, in the mowed remains of the wildflower meadow at the north end yesterday. I was shooting the monarch and silver-spotted skipper butterflies, and she was looking for the indigo bunting we could both hear singing his brains out. She spotted him and also saw a hummingbird on theContinue reading “Plenty of action this morning…”