Estabrook Park, just when I thought it couldn’t get colder…

28°F and snow on the grass! Luckily, even if spring seems to be in retreat, the wildlife is charging full speed ahead. At least the wind has let up and the sun was shining.This morning, the canada geese pair, the pied-billed grebe, some wood ducks, and a slew of mallards were all on the pond,Continue reading “Estabrook Park, just when I thought it couldn’t get colder…”

Cold and blustery morning at Estabrook Park, but no snow!

Nobody new on the pond this morning. The canada geese pair, bachelor mallards, wood duck pairs, red-breasted merganser, and little pied-billed grebe were all there. The hooded merganser and pair of blue-winged teals were nowhere to be seen. There were plenty of birds in the branches and bushes, but it was far too cold for me toContinue reading “Cold and blustery morning at Estabrook Park, but no snow!”

Easter at Estabrook Park, part two (NSFW)

Oh yeah! I completely forgot to mention that I spotted the amazing activity pictured below on the lawn sloping down to the pond this morning … At first, I thought it was just a weird version of those gummy-worm-type fishing lures (pictured below) because I was already bending down to pick up a couple of fish hooks, whichContinue reading “Easter at Estabrook Park, part two (NSFW)”