Easter at Estabrook Park

No snow, yet, so just a cool, damp, and quiet morning in the park.

The usual suspects were on the pond: the pair of canada geese, the little pied-billed grebe, the red-breasted merganser was back but the hooded merganser was gone. The pair of blue-winged teals and a few wood ducks were still there. The three amigos, the male mallards were there, but there was no sign of the female from yesterday.

Golden-crowned kinglets were flitting around in the bushes, just daring my to try to take their picture, and a yellow-colored warbler sang the song that never ends from the top of a tree against a cloudy grey sky. Also, a small bird of prey with a narrow tail glided way over head.

I had set out as early as I thought there was enough light for my camera in hopes of catching a glimpse of the easter bunny, but couldn’t find a one. Eagle-eye Anne texted me, when I was checking out Chet’s empty duplex, to say she saw some rabbits over on the Oakleaf Trial, which abuts the park, but by the time I got there, they must have eaten their fill.

Instead, the best picture today are of the flora. The bloodroots are just starting to open

And yesterday, when the sun was shining, I spotted the first Trout Lily

Image preview

As always, I post what seem to be the best of my pictures on flickr at

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