Estabrook Park, just when I thought it couldn’t get colder…

28°F and snow on the grass! Luckily, even if spring seems to be in retreat, the wildlife is charging full speed ahead. At least the wind has let up and the sun was shining.This morning, the canada geese pair, the pied-billed grebe, some wood ducks, and a slew of mallards were all on the pond, but the mergansers must have been elsewhere.
In the trees were a pairs of flickers, sapsuckers, downy woodpeckers, and red-winged blackbirds galore, all cavorting about.

The new sightings today include a white-breasted nuthatch and this little brown creeper. Nope, the image below is not upside down. He hopped along that branch as if gravity doesn’t even exist. It is mesmerizing for me to watch them go.

Yesterday afternoon I spotted a gull performing a touch-and-go on pond, a phoebe doing aerobatics just over the pond, and a male hooded merganser was back.

In the woods I spotted my first chipmunk of the season. Still no rabbits, though. Anne keeps reporting that she’s seeing them, but they elude me.

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