The morning after in Estabrook

Anne and I both slept so well, I suspect those beans we had last night were magic.

Anyway, it was an interesting morning in the park. I was just sitting on a bench by the pond when the goose that was not on the nest started honking, but I couldn’t see what he (if only for the sake of simpler language) was honking about. As far as I could see, there were no dogs approaching the water, no other geese flying overhead, but there were a pair of geese out on the grass to the south of the pond that I hadn’t noticed. He sure had, however, and he flew down there to dissuade them from coming any closer.

I was about to continue my walk further into the park, but he was down there honking away at the other pair, and now they were honking back and coming closer, and so I decided to violate Starfleet General Order 1 and see if I could help resolve the dispute. As I walked towards the pair, suggesting to them that this was not the pond they were looking for, our guy must have decided “enough is enough” and came over my shoulder from behind with what felt like about 3 feet of separation. Be still my heart!

Well, they all took to the air, had a great little chase, the pair headed east, our hero returned to the pond, and I headed on my way to the river. Mission Accomplished!
After all that excitement, we had a nice little graupel shower, the sun came out, and I spotted this little clump of toadshade fixin’ to blossom soon.

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