TGIF, or whatever day this is, in Estabrook

After yesterday morning’s truncated outing due to April showers, I went out again in the afternoon, as one does, to get in the steps I had missed earlier. Nothing much had changed since the morning, and I was heading back home, when I spotted what looked like a soda can down an embankment. I was pretty sure that I had spotted this can before, and it didn’t appear to be making very much progress up the bank on its own, so I ventured down to see if I could be of some help. Once I was down there, of course, I spotted several other items that looked like they could use a hand as well. So, I’m carefully threading my way through the light underbrush when you wouldn’t believe what I spotted:

That’s right, Bambi’s mom and her sister Edna, too, where just chillin’ together in the woods. They hardly seemed to be concerned about me, either, not like some of these dang birds of which I try to capture an image from time to time. Bambi’s mom made herself busy with some little itch on her right shoulder, before staring me straight in the eyes, and Edna didn’t even bother to get up.

Anyway, with that image already on my SDHC card, I felt a lot less pressure to perform this morning. I just went out, got in my steps, and enjoyed the sights and sounds. The pond was surprisingly busy with a couple-three blue-winged teals, a half dozen wood ducks, a few mallards, and one pair of canada geese, which they strictly enforce.
I finally did stumble upon some other stuff worth 5 mb: some yellow marsh marigold (Caltha palustris) that is finally in full bloom, and some male American pussy willow blossoms. Those and some other pictures are online at

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