More new arrivals in Estabrook!

A Baltimore oriole has been at the pond two mornings in a row singing quite a song and making me work for a picture,

a Jack-in-the-pulpit is up in woods with at least a dozen more on their way,

 the white trillium are finally opening in several locations, and the toadshade is right on the verge of showing us what it’s got.
Yesterday morning, the goslings gave me a scare when I could only find 2 sets of 3, but it seems the octet just got cold, and 5 still manage to fit under mom’s wings at nap time. In the afternoon, the octet paid a visit to the island and then had a little snack on the eastern lawn. Everybody seemed hale, hearty, and hungry this morning.
I’ve tried to arrange these pictures and others in a pleasing fashion at

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