Egg laying time in Estabrook

Oh sure, the birds have been laying eggs like crazy for months, no doubt. We’ve seen the goslings, after all, and I’ve even found three discarded shells on the ground already. Oh, and don’t forget about the spittle bugs. This morning, however, I was happy to be reminded that birds and bugs are not the only critters laying eggs in the park.

That’s a painted turtle on the steep west shore of the island putting those big, spade-shaped hind feet of hers to good use, as far as I can tell. I guess they’ve been up to more than just sunning themselves on a log.

Meanwhile, the muskrat seems to have taken exception either to all the attention I was paying to the turtle or to the lousy picture I posted last week and decided to swim not five feet in front of me so I could take a better one.

Ain’t her or she just the cutest things you’ve ever seen?

Finally, the plant kingdom spring pageant continues unabated.

That appears to be the blossom of Cornus alternifolia, also called the green osier, alternate-leaved dogwood, or pagoda dogwood. The leaves sure look like dogwood.

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