Nature takes her time…

We’re in for yet another beautiful blue-sky day in Estabrook, and I feel like Steve Martin doing the LA weather report saying that, but my buddy Max suggests this is partially due to the recent reduction in human activity, and some science seems to back him up.1,2,3

The activity on the river continues to evolve with the loss of ice, but our pair of redheads are still hanging around on the upper river just downstream from the southern island.

The mallards are just about everywhere now, and this female was looking especially photogenic this morning as the sun was making its way into the river valley.

It was also super nice out yesterday afternoon, as you may recall, and I had a little time, so I popped by the pond again just in time to find this pair of Canada geese doing the same thing. There was a lot of honking going on, and I think the consensus was that there was still too much ice, so off they went. It’s getting to be egg laying time, and the pond better hurry up if we’re gonna have goslings by the end of April.

Finally, and by popular demand, here’s your still-life art-shot.

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  1. Andrew I have another dear friend who i know would enjoy your posts as much as I do. You have a big fan club here at the OAKS. Please add :  Danielle E Noth at Gmail dot com to your list of followers. Thanks!!



    1. Chris,

      I still haven’t seen a subscription from Danielle. Do you know if she got the invitation? Perhaps it went to her spam folder. Sadly, I do not have a way to add her directly. I can only send and invitation and hope that the recipient accepts.



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