A morning that’ll frost your goose…

Yikes, it was cold out this morning. I wish I had worn my good winter mittens. The soil was quite crunchy with needle ice in places, and this goose, who appears to have spent the night snoozing on the mudflats by the river, had a nice heavy coating of frost on its back and wing feathers.

Also on the river were the young goldeneye, Mrs. Gadwall, one wood duck drake, several mallards, and a slew of geese. In the picture below with the two hens, can you tell which is the gadwall and which is the mallard? They don’t make it easy.

The biggest sighting of the morning, however, was this northern flicker, who we first spotted back in the park just yesterday. There were even two of them, at first, but one soon amscrayed.

A pair of northern flickers in a tree top across the river, so there is more than one!
Female, yellow-shafted, northern flicker
Female, yellow-shafted, northern flicker trying to rustle up some breakfast

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