More birds and blooms…

Between class and the rain, I’m not sure if I’ll make it to the park today, but as previously advertised, yesterday was such an amazing day, I’ve got some pictures left over for just such an occasion.

First up is this cute little ruby-crowned kinglet (Regulus calendula) grooming itself beside the pond. Thanks to a helpful tip from Charles, I knew to look for the white eyeliner if I couldn’t see the crown color, which I read “is usually concealed”, to distinguish it from its golden-crowned cousin.

Here are a couple more new blooms, a tiny grape hyacinth beside the pond, and a creeping charlie (Glechoma hederacea) beside the river.

Robins are as plentiful as ever throughout the park, and the particular one is keeping an eye on me as it makes for a promising pile of leaves on the ground between us.

The toadshade (Trillium sessile) or red trillium has bolted out of the ground in the recent warm weather.

A mourning dove found the morning sun so nice beside the pond, it didn’t even mind me taking this picture for a change.

There. We’re all caught up, and I’d better find something good for tomorrow.

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Theoretical and Applied Bicycle Mechanic, and now, apparently, Amateur Naturalist. In any case, my day job is teaching mechanics at UWM.

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