Two geese were still incubating on the island in the pond, this cool morning, but it is not clear if the third goose is even laying eggs yet. We’ll know soon enough, I guess.

The breakout star at the pond this morning is this cheerful little white-throated sparrow, belting out Oh-sweet-Canada in the brief morning sun for all to hear.

Along the river, Mrs. Robin was working on her nest again this morning. There was a lot of rotating and strenuous looking pushing, but I guess that’s how it’s done.

Just below her, on the river, Mrs. Mallard took a nap.

While Mr. Mallard kept a watchful eye on me.

Meanwhile, a young red-tailed hawk flew lazy circles over the Oak Leaf Trail.

Finally, I found a few trout lilies that must have received enough warm sun yesterday afternoon to open up for us, and here’s the most photogenic one, even with that stick by its side.

Lastly, I somehow averted disaster again this morning. When I first got home, I couldn’t find my keys, and I figured I’d lost them somewhere along the river. They sadly do not have a feature to show me on a map where they are, and Anne was out. So after waiting around for a few minutes, I headed back into the park, which worked out nicely because that’s when I spotted the lilies and the hawk. Anyway, Anne returned, let me in, and that’s when I found my keys zipped up nice and secure in the breast pocket of my fleece, exactly where I put them to keep them safe. Ha! I really outsmarted myself this time.

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Theoretical and Applied Bicycle Mechanic, and now, apparently, Amateur Naturalist. In any case, my day job is teaching mechanics at UWM.

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  1. Thank goodness your keys decide to play hide-n-seek! We all benefited from the beautiful lilies and hawk! Thanks Andrew. Thanks Keys. 😉


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