April puts a pause on spring…

Wow! No snow, yet, but is sure as chilly this morning. Luckily, the goose eggs have moms to keep them warm, and the robin eggs might have the same, but one seemed not so sure this morning. She eventually climbed in, but it took her a while. I wonder what’s up with that.

As I was checking on the southern robin and her nest, Casper the Friendly Coot came by for some more pictures. It seems I had missed those sharp looking tail features during previous sessions. Plus, I got a nice demonstration of feeding agility.

On the way to or from the north end, I can’t remember, I was treated to this little bit of slapstick. One mallard drake found a nice perch on which to preen, and as I was trying to take his picture, a second one wanted in.

When the second one got up there, however, it immediately nudged the first one right off.

Finally, after the first one flew back down to the river, the second one followed. BFFs, I guess.

Those are both tough acts to follow, but the star performers of today happen to be this pair of nuthatches giving their nest a good spring cleaning.

Finally, one more flower has been able to glean just enough energy out of the cloudy skies we’ve been enjoying lately to open up these three little blossoms.

Yes, Virginia, those are bluebells (Mertensia virginica)

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  1. Thank you as always. Your posts have upped the pleasure of walking in Estabrook Park by a factor of at least five.

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