It’s Wood Duck Day in Estabrook!

It must have been Wood Duck Day at the pond this morning, because there were ten (yes, 10) of them, along with four mallard drakes, and I think they were all up on the lawn at once. This is my best attempt at capturing a sense of the duck density.

A pair of geese flew in, which caused a scene of course, and the two nest-guarding males even took turns chasing off the newcomers before returning to their ongoing standoff halfway between the ends of the island where their mates are incubating on their nests.

That kind of broke up the party on the lawn, and here’s one pair of wood ducks making for calmer waters in the bright morning sun.

At the river, I had another chance to sneak in an egg check, and this time I held my phone high enough to spotted 3! Then I stepped back to look around for who else might be about, and I am happy to report that mom was back on the job by the time I continued north.

It the north end, this red-tailed hawk was keeping a watchful eye on some squirrels I could hear rustling in the bushes, but I didn’t wait around long enough to see if it eventually caught one. I guess I’m just not as patient as a hawk.

That’s when I bumped into Lisa, a long-time reader, who tipped me off to the blue-winged teals mucking it up in the river. Thanks, Lisa! I’m sure I would have never spotted them.

On my way back south, I got another chance at the ever elusive ruby-crowned kinglet, who sing a delightfully cheery song, and even managed a glimpse or two of its little ruby crown.

There is yet another variety of violet opening up, and this one has a nice light shade of blue.

Finally, back at the pond, I spotted our first crayfish of the season.

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Theoretical and Applied Bicycle Mechanic, and now, apparently, Amateur Naturalist. In any case, my day job is teaching mechanics at UWM.

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  1. My opinion is that Wood Ducks should have a different name. They are so awesomely beautiful and colorful that “wood duck” does not do them justice. How about “beauty duck” or “color duck” or “stunning duck” . . . . . .


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