April bids us adieu…

As April heads for the door, there’s a lot to report, and let’s start with the egg roundup.

Both geese on the pond are still incubating, and both robins beside the river were on their nests this chilly morning, although I did capture this sight during a spot-check yesterday afternoon.

It appears that we have one freshly hatched robin chick, and a fisherman was standing too close to the nest for Mom’s comfort. He must not have heard her scolding him, but after I took this image, realized what was going on, and asked him if he would move down the bank a bit, he obliged without complaint. Mom was soon back on her nest, and she was on it again this morning, so I have no new news, which I’m sure we all hope is good news.

Meanwhile, there are still goslings on the river, and this family was on the mudflats just south of the robin’s nest above. Here they are getting ready for their morning nap.

Here they are heading out for second breakfast.

And here they are back at the buffet again, while Dad keeps stands guard. I’m not sure Mom likes this place, but the goslings must have seen the bright green grass and headed right for it with Mom and Dad in tow.

While I was there, our buddy the muskrat swam by again…

And a pair of teals headed down river with a pair of wood ducks, but I couldn’t quite catch them as close together as last time.

The raptors were out in force, perhaps because they’ve also got mouths to feed now.

I finally managed some slightly better images of the cowbirds that appear to be involved in some intricate mating rituals recently.

Foraging male brown-headed cowbird looking resplendent in the sun
Pair of female brown-headed cowbirds doing their own little dance as three males perch on a nearby branch.

Meanwhile, from over in Downer Woods, Kelly and Mark have sent in some fantastic images to update us on their owls. The owlet is growing up fast, and by the look on its face, I’d say it is now in the owl equivalent of the teenage years.

Dad brought home dinner, and can’t you just hear “Aw, raw rabbit again? Why can’t we just order pizza?”

Back in Estabrook, a squirrel enjoys an apple core that someone helpfully left behind.

And some wild fruit tree, maybe cherry, is in blossom beside the parkway.

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  1. I just LOVE seeing your photos everyday Andrew AND reading your facts and humor! LOL, “Dad brought home dinner, and can’t you just hear “Aw, raw rabbit again? Why can’t we just order pizza?”” You’re hysterical! Cheerio!


  2. I love every post and have forwarded 1 0o 2 t0 my brother in Seattle. He grew up here in Milwaukee, spending hours in Estabrook Park. Thank you

    Joan Wessel

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