Herons are a hoppin’ at the pond.

It was one of those mornings that remind me that “10% chance of rain” often means “steady rain, but just at 10% intensity.” The good news is that the continuous spritzing didn’t slow down the critters in the park, and there were at least three herons ont the pond, one blue and two green.

Here’s the blue:

And here’s one of the greens hard at work:

And here they are together in a reflective moment:

Here’s a bullfrog just hoping to stay out of the action.

The wood duck hens and ducklings, the black duck hen, and a couple of mallard hens were also about, but not as photogenic as the herons this morning. The situation was similar at the river.

The one other bright spot, however, is that the bee balm was finally getting some traffic.

Meanwhile, in related news, Friends of Estabrook Park is planning its annual picnic at the Estabrook Park Biergarten on Wednesday, July 21 at 5pm, the Biergarten is also celebrating the 105th Anniversary of Estabrook Park on the same day, there is no Bucks playoff game scheduled for that day, so I’m planning to go, and I hope to see you there.

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