A big breakfast in a little bird.

I could see a blue heron in the bushes at the north end of the pond when I arrived this morning, and as I tried to make my way around to a better viewing angle, I was treated to the spectacle of this little omnivorous wood duck duckling, almost all grown up, scarfing down a pretty good-sized frog it had managed to catch.

After quite a bit of thrashing, down it went.

That’s gotta provide quite the full-belly feeling, eh? Even makes me want to take a nap.

I never did get a good shot of the blue heron, but this green heron did it’s best to fill the gap.

I didn’t see a thing on the river today other than one goose and maybe a couple dozen mallards.

Back at the pond, the blue heron was out of the bushes, and checking out what the ducks are always finding up on the west lawn.

And finding no fish, frogs, or crayfish, it continued south to the reeds on the west side, where it did find what appears to be, based on the tail, at least one little fish.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Wood Duck and her special friend were keeping an eye on me, and after the frog and mink episodes, I have new respect for their abilities.

Finally, by the soccer fields, I found no butterflies today, but the goldfinch were back on the bull thistle and being quite photogenic about it.

Lastly, on day 3 of Clutch-Watch, we’ve still got 3 robin eggs. Yay!

PS. The forecast is looking perfect for tomorrow’s event at the Estabrook Park Beer Garden. At 5pm it is supposed to be 70° with 57% humidity, a light breeze, and 1% chance of precipitation, so you don’t have to worry about melting from either the sun or the rain. It would be great if you could support Friends of Estabrook Park, but it’s a public space, and I’ll be happy to see you either way.

Oh, and Go Bucks!

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