Some nice peak-summer scenes…

It appears that we get a bit of a reprieve from the hazy, hot, and humid weather, at least for today. Oh, it will still be plenty warm, but there was some nice blue sky this morning, and I was greeted by this fawn and its mom on the lawn of the Benjamin Church House.

After a bit, they ambled across the road and the soccer fields toward the woods, but the fawn didn’t want to give up playing in the open field right away.

At the pond, the ducks are herons are still there, but the star of this morning is this belted kingfisher who was distracted for a moment after catching what appears to be a dragonfly nymph, and provided me my best opportunity yet to take her portrait, even if backlit by the morning sun.

I also managed to get out yesterday, but never had the chance to post these pictures. One more weed is blossoming on the west edge of the soccer fields, burdock this time, and the monarchs are taking advantage of the new food source.

The house wren is still there and still singing from his nesting cavity. There were actually two of them this morning chasing each other, and the sky was blue, but the pictures from yesterday came out better anyway.

Finally, this little bunny was enjoying its greens so much yesterday morning that I was able to capture this little series.

Lastly, I’m gonna be taking a break for a while, first for some family camping, and then for a trip to see my folks, so I won’t be seeing much of Estabrook Park for a couple of weeks. As before, I’ll try to show you anything interesting that I see, but I probably won’t be able to do that daily. Then it will be time for the fall semester to get rolling, and there’s been some recent turmoil with my teaching schedule, so we’ll just have to see how things go.

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