An odd little mix.

It’s a short one today. There was some kind of moisture in the air between us and the morning sun, so it stayed pretty dark well past sunrise. When I first entered the park, I checked for deer or anything else interesting, as usual, and since I didn’t see anything, I then checked the parking lot for items park patrons might have accidentally left behind, a soda can, a $20 bill, a blow-up doll, you name it. I try to plan a route that let’s me get everything with the fewest steps, which is a little silly since I’m in the park to get steps, but anyway. There was a biggish white thing in the grass near the path, and I figured I’d hit that first before continuing north, but by the time I returned my attention to the white thing it was gone! It turns out that it was a bird, not a napkin, and probably a robin with leucism. Its eyes aren’t pink, so it’s not technically an albino.

After that amazing start, there was not much else to report. I did spot a blue heron on the pond but failed to get its picture. Instead, check out this cast of wood duck characters keeping their eyes on a squirrel or two making a racket rustling nuts out of a tree at the north end of the pond.

And that’s all I’ve got for Estabrook. Happily, Anne’s nephew, David, sent in this picture of an amazing creature he spotted on his way home from the family campout we were all at last week.

Here is his commentary: “Highlight of the trip – was looking for moose tracks on the road to show to Lucas, [is son,] and ended up coming across this bull moose minutes later.”

Talk about the power of wishful thinking, eh?

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  1. WOW…now that’s a MOOSE MANIFESTATION! LOL, I was scrolling so fast at first I thought the moose was in Estabrook. Aahhahahahahhahaaa! And the creamish robin…awe, isn’t she/he beautiful as ever.

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