The sun really did come out.

Gadzooks! When I hoped that “partly cloudy” would give us a little bit of sun this morning, I never imagined that we would get so much. What a beautiful morning it was, and I made it to the park before the streetlights shut off.

Before I even got to the pond, I was greeted by a little batch of juncos foraging on the lawn, and I got a few pictures of them there, but then this little one hopped up onto this branch to make the best shot. It’s a little grainy, but so were all of them because it was still so dark, and you can’t beat that pose.

The wood ducks were still on the pond, but I haven’t seen that little yellow duckling in a couple of days. Maybe someone came to collect it. In any case, nothing looked particularly photogenic so off to the river I went.

As I approached the north end, the sun was finally coming over the trees and lighting up the island, which made for this pretty scene.

On the far side, I could see a cormorant and the pintails again, I believe, but they were too far away for decent pictures. Instead, it appears that all the mallard drakes are now in their full breeding plumage, and this one was lit up by the morning sun right in front of me.

Three of the killdeer were back, and this one was probably too busy foraging to even notice its own reflection.

Some rusty blackbirds were back, also foraging on the exposed rocks, and the morning sun really brings out the colors on this female.

Meanwhile, the trees above the river were full of activity, too. Here’s a wren foraging.

Here’s a flycatcher, perhaps an eastern wood-pewee, pausing between sorties out over the water.

Here’s one more yellow-rumped warbler looking for treats on the willow leaves and branches.

Here’s yet another warbler, and this one looks like a Nashville warbler.

I finally had to drag myself away and head home, but on the way, I found another catbird picking berries.

Lastly, I checked the patch of asters on the Oak Leaf Trail and found one more sulphur butterfly enjoying the nectar while it lasts.

Well, by now you probably know the drill. I’ve gotta go to school tomorrow morning, so no time for a visit to the park, but I did my best to save some nice pictures from today to show you tomorrow. See you then.

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Theoretical and Applied Bicycle Mechanic, and now, apparently, Amateur Naturalist. In any case, my day job is teaching mechanics at UWM.

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