More mentions of yesterday’s ice…

We had another cold morning today, but I had to go to school, so here’s more of the story from yesterday morning.

The cold snap helped loosen many of the leaves that had still been clinging to their branches, and they were raining down all over the place. There was a little stream of bright yellow leaves from a maple tree on the southern island steadily flowing down the middle of the river surface. In other spots, they gave the impression of one of those snow flurries we sometimes get with huge flakes falling slowly.

Here’s one of the few mallards enjoying the open water on the pond while it lasts.

The little junco I showed you yesterday wasn’t sure which pose it liked best and tried several. Here’s a nice profile shot.

The river deer did check out the northern island briefly but must have found it wanting because they soon wandered back to the eastern shore. Here they are checking to see if I’m still watching them, and yes, yes I am.

Here’s the hawk just before it glided across the river to a tree on that same island. I must have gotten too close and/or it must have felt warm enough. Let’s hope for the latter, eh?

Here’s another look at one of the killdeer on some freshly fallen leaves instead of fresh ice.

Here’s one of the rusty blackbirds doing that thing where they pick up leaves to see who’s hiding under them. I hope they don’t mind frozen food.

Finally, here’s that blue heron again on the same branch as when I went by on my way north. I must have successfully kept sufficient distance and/or it was still just too damn cold to move. I’m hoping for the former!

The forecast is for above-freezing temps and bright sun tomorrow morning, so I’m looking forward to seeing some pretty sights. Wish me luck!

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