Second looks

Here’s a second look at some of the sights from yesterday, and first up is the downy woodpecker all aglow in the morning sun.

The junco didn’t give me more than that one pose, but the chickadee sure did.

I took a lot of pictures of the bufflehead as it floated back and forth, and here’s another one of the few unobscured by the screen of sticks between us.

The red squirrel really seemed not to know what do with me and kept repositioning itself before freezing for a bit. Here are two more looks at its antics.

On my way south, I was happy to find the blue heron in the same spot along the river where I had seen it on my way north. Perhaps it’s learning from the mallards and is getting better at deciding when it’s worth fleeing and when it can just let us walk on by. We can hope, right?

Finally, Carrie, a reader who joined us in September, wrote in to say that “Zi and I walked the Lincoln golf course today and discovered a new to us river path, waking a sleeping buck and being followed by this coyote who might have been interested in Zi for breakfast.” Zi is her little dog, who looks, to my untrained eye, like a terrier of some type.

Carrie has also posted more pictures, for which I would give my eyeteeth, of the magnificent creature, by which I mean the coyote, on her blog at

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  1. Today Zi and I visited the park and saw two things you would have photographed: a cold Cardinal all puffed up just below the Biergarten and, further south a bit, a GBH on the shore of the river backlit by the rising sun. Thank you for all your kind words. You were right about her breeding being a terrier, she’s a Jack Russell Terrier.

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