A golden morning in Estabrook

It’s another beautiful day in Estabrook with still air, blue skies, and temps in the teens heading to the twenties. I heard our kingfisher right away at the south end, and caught a glimpse of her, but I couldn’t manage to get her picture. Instead, a bit farther north, I was treated to this new sight for the season: a second goldeneye drake has arrived. Oddly enough, the hen who posed so nicely for us just yesterday was nowhere to be found. Perhaps she found three to be a crowd.

At the falls, I met up with eagle-eyed Lisa, but we didn’t see any eagles this morning, bald or otherwise. There was a red-tailed hawk high up in a tree across the river at the north end, but only one this time, and a nice picture eluded me. When we returned to the boardwalk, we spotted a kestrel in a tree on the far shore, but it was in no mood to pose this morning. I’m not even sure it’s our huntress from yesterday.

After Lisa and I parted ways, and I continued south, I found another American tree sparrow with a much lighter complexion than the first one we saw just a few days ago.

At the grassy field, I didn’t see our kestrel again, but this male downy woodpecker was willing to fill in.

Back beside the open water of the mild rapids, the goldeneye drakes were still on the water, and this one was practicing his mating display even though there were no hens around. Can’t hurt to practice, I guess.

Finally, at the far south end, our hooded merganser hen was busy fishing, but struck this pose for us in between dives.

I saw about a half dozen common mergansers from a distance, but couldn’t get close enough for a picture, and I did not see our gadwall drake today, napping or dabbling.

Lastly, I got more nice pictures than I could use of our kestrel from yesterday, so here are a couple more.

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