Yet another “great” day in Estabrook!

It was cloudy again this morning, so I didn’t expect to see much, but the clouds weren’t very thick, the temperature was pretty mild for the season, and the winds were nice and light, so I still had hope. The show began right away with this common merganser drake at the south end who wasContinue reading “Yet another “great” day in Estabrook!”

A golden morning in Estabrook

It’s another beautiful day in Estabrook with still air, blue skies, and temps in the teens heading to the twenties. I heard our kingfisher right away at the south end, and caught a glimpse of her, but I couldn’t manage to get her picture. Instead, a bit farther north, I was treated to this newContinue reading “A golden morning in Estabrook”

Just a stupendous morning in the park

Wow! What a gorgeous morning in Estabrook it turned out to be. To be honest, I didn’t have high expectations when I stepped outside because the clouds were back, and it was pretty dark out. The temperature was just around freezing, however, so mild for this time of year, the wind was calm, the trailContinue reading “Just a stupendous morning in the park”

Everyone enjoys a respite from the cold

The warmup came as forecast, and the critters in Estabrook came out to enjoy the reprieve. Our belted kingfisher, who I’ve heard all along but couldn’t spot recently, was fishing over some newly open water across from the boardwalk below the beer garden. Just north of the southern-most stairway, down the bluff from the playgroundContinue reading “Everyone enjoys a respite from the cold”