Winter drags on…

I see the sun trying to poke through the clouds now, from the comfort of my kitchen table, but there was no sign of the sun earlier this morning. That, plus a stiff breeze, made 21°F feel like 7°F, and I failed to check on that second number when I dressed to go out this morning. Oof. No wonder everyone is starting to look like they are done with winter.

I hardly saw a sight worth photographing, but there were a bunch of goldfinches busily working some alder cones at the north end of the pond, and here’s one of them.

Luckily, I’ve a enough good pictures left over from recent visits that I still have something to show you today. Here’s a pretty mourning dove foraging yesterday beside the little stream that flows into the pond.

Here’s one more look at the goldeneye hen yesterday preening on the water just above the falls.

And here’s another look at the bufflehead drake yesterday in the same spot.

Finally, here are a couple more looks at the coyote who posed so nicely in the morning sun for us on Friday.

Lastly, here’s a mystery from yesterday when I was trying to get a good picture of the bluebirds. These two looked like they had blue wings, and they got excited about something just as I aimed my camera their way, but they sure don’t look like bluebirds. I’ve asked around and heard everything from prothonotary warblers to scarlet tanagers to goldfinches, but nothing looks like a perfect match yet. Do you have any suggestions?

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  1. Re: the mystery bird. According to a few expert birders, it is either the prothonotary warbler (out of range this time of year!) or an escapee.

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