February waves goodbye

It was a little breezy and not very sunny, but the temps were right around freezing, and the trail was nice and firm, so a pretty nice morning for a stroll in Estabrook.

A common merganser drake was back on the river at the south end, perhaps even the one I failed to capture Saturday morning, and he had a hen with him this time. Perhaps she settled his nerves because I was able to get a picture at last.

Our hooded merganser hen was also back, and here she is drying out her wings.

At the north end, this goldeneye drake gave us a rare glimpse of his fine self up on the ice.

I bumped into Brian, and he helped me ID this handsome fox sparrow by the pond. The only other time I’ve ever seen one was back in January, and soon enough it will be off to the shores of Hudson Bay to help make more fox sparrows.

Back by the river, the mallards were thick this morning, and appear to be recreating some kind of crowded beach scene with snow and ice instead of sand.

Amongst the mallards, I spotted the hoodie hen again, and check out how much control she has of her bouffant. Now it’s up.

Now it’s down.

And now she’s caught me looking at her.

The mallard drake merely turning his head to change it from green to blue isn’t a bad trick, either.

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