A cardinal and two pairs.

It was a pretty nice early-March morning, but I had to go to school today, so Estabrook had to wait. The good news, however, is that our two favorite sleepy-heads in Cambridge Woods were both sawing wood again this morning. Plus, they were way more visible than last time, and there was even a bit of sun to light up the scene for us.

I did eventually make it to the park after lunch, and this guy at the pond looked like he might be sleeping, too, because he sure was quiet for a cardinal at this time of year, but now I can see he has at least one eye open. Maybe he’s just giving his pipes a rest.

Finally, I was thrilled to see a pair of bald eagles soaring over the park, because who knows when we’ll see them for the last time until next winter. One appears to be not quite mature yet, and maybe it’s the one we saw a few weeks ago.

The second one looks fully mature, and best of all, it has a fish in its talons! That sure is a first for me. They were drifting east, so maybe they’re going to the lakefront for a picnic.

Those are the interesting or pretty pictures for today, and the forecast looks good for tomorrow morning, so wish me luck!

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  1. Is it normal for two different kinds (different colors!) of owls 🦉(or other birds) to snuggle in the same place? 🤔


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