In case you thought it couldn’t get better.

It was another picture-perfect morning in Estabrook with cool, still air, blue skies, and a nice warm sun. The lower river is pretty quiet, now that most of the ice has cleared out, with just a few geese, a few mallards, and only one goldeneye hen and one common merganser hen this morning. I didContinue reading “In case you thought it couldn’t get better.”

Hoodies, Herons, and Scaups. Oh my!

I waited for the snow to subside before heading out this morning, in hopes of keeping my lens clean, and I was glad to find there were still plenty of pretty sights to see so late in the day. Here’s our first great blue heron since January, before the deep freeze. “Welcome back, Beautiful!” AnotherContinue reading “Hoodies, Herons, and Scaups. Oh my!”

More happy signs that spring is near.

The overcast was heavy, but the trail mud was frozen nice and firm, and the forecast precipitation didn’t materialize, so it was a fine morning to visit Estabrook. Besides several dozen mallards, I was happy to see a pair of common mergansers still on the lower river, and here’s the hen airing out her wings.Continue reading “More happy signs that spring is near.”